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Last updated: January 23rd, 2023

What are carpet cleaning truck mounts?

A carpet cleaning truck mount is a system that is installed in a van or truck and used to clean carpets. It typically consists of a power source (such as a gas or diesel engine), a pump, and a heat exchanger, which are used to heat and circulate cleaning solutions through a hose and wand. The truck mount system allows the cleaner to work more efficiently and effectively, as it provides a powerful cleaning solution and heat source. Additionally, the truck mount can also increase the range of cleaning services offered, such as pressure washing and steam cleaning.

What are carpet cleaning vans?

A carpet cleaning van is a vehicle, typically a van or truck, that has been outfitted with equipment and supplies specifically for the purpose of cleaning carpets. This equipment typically includes a carpet cleaning truck mount, which is a system that uses a power source, pump, and heat exchanger to heat and circulate cleaning solutions through a hose and wand. The van may also include other equipment such as a water tank, a generator, and storage for cleaning solutions, tools, and other supplies. Carpet cleaning vans allow professional cleaners to bring the necessary equipment and supplies to a job site, increasing efficiency and allowing them to offer a wider range of cleaning services.

Truck Mount Brands        

Legend Brands Cleaning

Legend Brands Cleaning

Prochem, Sapphire Scientific, Blueline, Vortex and Chemspec truckmount brands are now part of the Legend Brands family of cleaning companies.


Address: 15180 Josh Wilson Road,
Burlington, Washington

Legend Brands truckmount manuals:

Legend Brands Cleaning has a convenient authorized distributor locator on their website:

HydraMaster truckmount logo


HydraMaster truckmounts have been in production for over 47 years and were one of the first companies to sell carpet cleaning truckmounts across the United States of America.


Address: 11015 47th Avenue West,
Mukilteo, WA 98275 USA

HydraMaster truckmount manuals:

HydraMaster has a convenient dealer locator on their website:

The Butler System

The Butler System

The Butler Corporation is an American-owned family business with factory-direct sales and service for carpet cleaning truck mounts for over 38 years.


Address: 251 Moody Street,
Ludlow, Massachusetts 01056 USA

Butler truckmount systems are exclusively factory-direct sales, service and support:

Butler has reconditioned truckmount systems, as well as for-sale-by-owner customer used Butler carpet cleaning systems.

MasterBlend truckmounts


Formed in 1995 by leaders in the carpet cleaning industry, MasterBlend Inc. has created a high-performance line of carpet cleaning equipment & products, including truck mounts.


Address: 5330 Pecos Street,
Denver, Colorado 80221 USA
+1 800-525-9644 - 303-373-0702

MasterBlend manuals:
Direct links to service manuals can be found on the individual product pages, for example, the El Diablo HE.

The MasterBlend distributor page is located here:

TCS truckmounts

TCS Truckmounts

With a motto of "simply dependable", TCS Truckmounts & Cleaning Solutions has been producing carpet cleaning truckmounts for over 20 years.


Address: 5926 Goshen Springs Road,
Norcross, GA 30071 USA

TCS truckmount manuals:
Direct links to manuals can be found on the individual product pages, for example, the TCS Chief II.

TCS Truckmounts dealers page is here, but does not have any dealers or distributors listed.

Aero Tech Manufacturing, Inc. logo

Aero Tech

Aero Tech Manufacturing produces the XT PTO truckmount with factory direct sales and servicing based out of North Salt Lake, Utah. They are known in the carpet cleaning industry for their high-end PTO truckmounted cleaning systems built to top-notch specifications.


Address: 395 West 1100 North
North Salt Lake, UT 84054 USA
(801) 292-0493
Toll free: (866) 390-2376

Aero Tech has MSDS sheets available in PDF format along with some common maintenance procedure videos. They also have a truckmount specification page.

Aero Tech truckmount systems are exclusively factory-direct sales, service and support:

Aero Tech has for-sale-by-owner customer used Areo Tech carpet cleaning systems.

White Magic truckmounts

White Magic Inc.

White Magic is most well known for their Commander Slide-In cleaning systems. They were unfortunately the subject of embezzelment & fraud from an employee within the company in 2009 that severely impacted the business. They were subsequently purchased by Sapphire Scientific in 2011, who in turn were purchased by Legend Brands Cleaning shortly thereafter.

Chem-Tex truckmounts


Chem Tex Manufacturing has been in business since 1980 in Houston, Texas, producing superior carpet cleaning truck mounts and other industrial cleaning equipment at a reasonable price.


Address: 7108 Mullins Dr,
Houston, TX 77081
1-800-CHEM-TEX or direct 713-668-1212

Chem-Tex truckmount manuals:
Direct links to manuals can be found on the individual product pages, for example, the Chem-Tex Panther 27HP. They also have troubleshooting & maintenance guides avaialble.

Chem-Tex will ship your truckmount free, within 48 states, orders are placed via phone.

Bane-Clene truckmounts


Bane-Clene uses a proprietary method for cleaning carpets classified as External Extraction. Bane-Clene has been providing cleaning services, equipment and training programs at the Bane-Clene Institute since 1962.


Address: 3940 N. Keystone Avenue,
Indianapolis, IN 46205 USA

For a cost, Bane-Clene service manuals can be obtained through the Bane-Clene online store.

Bane-Clene sells their truckmounts & equipment directly via phone. Factory Service on equipment is available in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Bane-Clene has reconditioned truckmount systems for sale on their online shop.

Steam Action truckmounts

SteamAction International

SteamAction International Inc. is a family-owned company that has been in the carpet cleaning industry for over 50 years. They produce two truckmount series: Stealth & Nike.


Address: 32378 W Hwy OO,
Lawson, MO 64062 USA

Cleanco truckmounts

Cleanco Truckmounts

Cleanco Compact direct drive truckmounts have been manufactured for use in the carpet cleaning industry for over 40 years. They currently manufacture two truckmount models: the Compact 45 and Compact 47. Both Cleanco & ESteam were acquired by Safety Express Ltd. in March, 2018.


Address: 3750 - 19th Street NE,
Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2E 6V2
1-800-653-8338 Local: 403-291-7050

Cleanco has PDF manuals available for PTO slide-in truckmounts for both new and older versions of the Compact 45 and Compact 47 models.

Cleanco has a few pages here with distributors in the USA, Canada, and international.

Mytee truckmounts

Mytee Products

Mytee was started in 1977 when John LaBarbera built carpet cleaning machines in his father's garage. By 1995 they were a full-fledged business and added carpet cleaning truckmounts to their production line. Today, they specialize in portable electric truckmounts.


Address: 13655 Stowe Drive,
Poway, CA 92064 USA
Toll Free: (877) 469-8331 Local: (858) 679-1191

Mytee has manuals/parts lists online for both new truckmount models and older/obsolete truckmount models.

Mytee has a Distributor and Service Center locator on their website and you can also buy directly online.

Mytee has refurbished truckmount systems for sale on their online shop.

Amtex truckmounts

Amtex Equipment

Amtex built their first truckmount in 1997 and currently manufacture the Prowler, Inferno, Dragon, and Marine truckmounts and lay claim to the world's first "self washable" truckmount.


Address: 12824 1/2 Hempstead Rd, Suite A,
Houston, TX 77092 USA

Amtex has a series of videos available for common repairs on their website.

Steam Genie Inc.

Steam Genie Inc.

Since 1969 Steam Genie has been driving innovation and expertise into their truckmount family, which includes the SGS-36 Sizzler ME, SGS-45 Sizzler ME, and the Steam Genie PTO.


Address: 1320 West Walnut Street,
Compton, CA, USA
USA toll free sales line: (800) 345-2411

Steam Genie has some limited technical information on their truckmounts here.

Steam Genie has a page here with distributors in the USA and Canada.

Judson truckmounts

Judson Truckmounts

Serving the carpet cleaning industry since 1959, Judson Truckmounts are built to provide the cleaning professional with the tools they need to succeed.


Address: 5 Ellendale Drive,
Greenville, SC 29609 USA
SC 864-233-6442
FL 941-724-0701

Judson has some maintenance videos for their truckmounts here.

Blue Baron truckmounts

Blue Baron

With 40 years in the carpet cleaning industry and 15 years manufacturing truckmounts, Blue Baron Manufacturing produces a few different truckmount models: Model 33, Model 36SE, Model 45, Model 47XL and Compact 36.


Address: 1653 Cockleshell Dr, P.O. Box 3444,
Holiday, FL 34692 USA

Blue Baron has some truckmount model specifications found here (look for specification links).

Blue Baron has all their truckmount models available in their online store.

Cleaning Technologies truckmounts

Cleaning Technologies

Cleaning Technologies manufactures easy to maintain, economical, and powerful truckmounts, including the Challenger, Hero, Patriot and Excalibur truckmount carpet cleaning systems.


Address: 5025 Old Ellis Pointe - Suite 200,
Roswell, GA 30076 USA
800-438-9347 or 770-667-9994

Cleanco truckmounts

Bridgepoint Systems

Truckmounts that sold under the Bridgepoint name were manufactured by Prochem & HydraMaster. They were similar to Prochem/HydraMaster models but built to specific Bridgepoint specifications. Bridgepoint truckmounts have not been in production since 2001, but they continue to produce chemical solutions for carpet/floor cleaners.


Address: 4282 590 W, Murray,
UT 84123, USA

Century 400 

Century 400

Although Century 400 is recoginized as a leading supplier of portable carpet cleaning equipment, they also manufactured truckmounts. They have been in business since 1977 and were acquired by Castle Rock Industries, who were in turned purchased by Kärcher North America in 2006.

Website: (not functional)

Address: 4282 590 W, Murray,
UT 84123, USA

Steamway International

Steam Way

Steam Way International is most well known for their PowerMatic truckmount series, but stopped producing them in 2008. Today they only have the Powermatic Legacy 2200 truckmount available for sale, plus their cleaning agents division.


Address: 1625 KDC Lane, P.O. Box 514,
Jackson, WY 83001 USA

Steam Way has downloadable manuals (bottom of page) available on their website for several truckmount models.

Steam Way has a distributors page for both USA & Canada.

Steam-Brite Supply

SteamBrite Supply

Most truckmounts sold under the SteamBrite brand were manufactured by Amtex & EZ Truckmounts. New Steam-Brite carpet cleaning equipment can be found here. Some information about older Steam-Brite truckmounts can be found here.


Address: 18975 Marbach Lane, Building 200-C,
San Antonio, TX 78266 USA

Steambrite sells truckmounts from other manufacturers such as Prochem, Sapphire Scientific, ACE, Blue Baron, Amtex, MasterBlend, Mytee, Steam Action, and Cleanco. They also sell their own carpet cleaning equipment.

Fox truckmounts

Fox Truckmounts

*Updated* Fox truckmounts are built in Long Beach, California featuring ease of use and simple to maintain. They currently manufacture the Model 5000 and Model 9500 truckmounts.


Address: 17813 S Main St, Unit 116,
Gardena, CA 90248 USA

Organic Cleaning Compounds Fox truckmounts can be ordered directly via telephone for free quotes.

Powerplus truckmounts

PowerPlus Truckmounts

*Updated* Powerplus Professional Cleaning Solutions manufactures the Powerplus Prodigy (PDF) & Powerplus Banshee (PDF) truckmounts. Located in Anaheim California, Powerplus was formed in 1978 and they also are the primary distributor for Tsunami Cleaning Technologies Truckmounts.


Address: 1525 Endeavour Pl., Suite O,
Anaheim, CA 92801 USA

Powerplus has some truckmount product brochures (PDFs) available on their website.

EZ Truckmounts

EZ Truckmounts

*Updated Aug 2021* EZ Truckmounts are back in business! Producing truckmounts since 2018; many Steambrite truckmounts were manufactured by EZ Truckmounts. Most well known for creating low cost, easy to maintain truckmounts. Website is no longer functional - please use the phone number below.

Website: (not functional)

Address: 1908 Huff St,
Wichita Falls, TX 76301 USA

Truckmount Distributors

Carpet cleaning equipment distributors & stores where you can buy new & used truckmounts, truckmount parts, and truckmount accessories from various manufacturers.

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