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For sale Truckmount Hydramaster CDS 4.8 offer 95k Verified Member

I am selling a 2005 Chevrolet 2500 Extender truck engine and transmission in perfect condition with 151000 miles in good condition with direct drive Hydramaster CDS 4.8 mounted on truck, 1500 hours in perfect condition, dirty water tank, clean water tank, electric rail for vacuum hoses 300ft, 2 High Pressure Hose Rails, 1 Garden Water Hose Rail, Hoses Included, 1 6-Jet Evolution Wand, 1 6-Jet Wand, Turboforce TH40 Floor & Tile, 1 Hydramaster RX 20 and Wand with zipper. Everything is in good...

Charlotte 28078 North Carolina Charlotte $95 Sep 3, 2020