Give your listing a boost!

Last updated: March 28th, 2021


Our primary goal at UCC is to help you sell your van/truckmount/equipment. First and foremost. The more people that see your listing, the more likely you will sell - this is Marketing 101.

So how do we ensure more people see your listing? Marketing, of course. Lots of it. Our advertising budget covers the following:

  • Facebook - we try to boost every listing that is placed on our website. That means we pay to put your listing in front of hundreds, often thousands of carpet cleaners in your state and neighboring states!
  • Email - our 3000+ subscriber list is instantly notified of your new listing via email, with a convenient link back to your listing on the website.
  • Google AdWords - we actively promote our site so we show up on the first page of Google and Bing search engine results pages (SERPs). This ensures anyone searching Google or Bing finds our site, and most importantly, your listing.
  • Twitter - all of our listings are bounced out to our Twitter feed, complete with link back to your listing. We have done some paid Twitter promotions, but they don't have the same excellent results as Facebook, so we concentrate our paid marketing there.
  • Pinterest - like Twitter, all our listings are shared on our Pinterest feed - we have the same categories setup as the website, so they flow nicely together.
  • Instagram - we are new to Instagram as of January 2018 and we often run Facebook/Instagram campaigns simultaneously for best results.


It’s simple math: our advertisements that include photos get 5x times as many ad views and sell 3x times as fast. Most people these days have a smartphone with a camera. If not, borrow your friend or coworker’s smart phone for a couple quick snaps, he or she can email you the photos. People want to see what they are buying!

EXTRA POINTS: Add a YouTube™ video to your listing to further engage potential buyers. It's a well-known fact videos attract more attention on the internet and a fantastic way to show buyers what you got!



This is the best way to get more exposure for your used carpet cleaning van or used truckmount and sell faster. We offer the following upgrades:

  • Featured ads upgrade - maximum exposure on frontpage in a slideshow, on top of category pages, and on every ad page
  • Featured ads - level 2 upgrade - frontpage exposure on bottom
  • Better Placement upgrade - keeps your ad at the top of your listing category, above all other listings. One of the best upgrades on our site.
  • Bolded Listing upgrade - listing is bolded and colored - stand out from the crowd!
  • Attention Getter upgrade - unique graphics and sidebars that add some style to your ad and draw attention


Account verification allows users to verify their validity and prove they are genuine sellers. For only 2$ USD, you can have a Verified Account badge with your listings(s). Let people know you are real and not a bot! Verified Account Badge

NOTE: Your account will automatically be verified (no cost) after any purchase of a listing upgrade (see previous FAQ topic).


Did you know we have built-in templates for Craigslist? Go to your My Account page and click the Sharing link. Select the listing you wish to share and select Craigslist as the share method and click the Get Craigslist HTML Code button - presto! Preformatted with all your listing photos and a great layout that links back to your ad here on It's a win/win!

Note the other sharing methods available to help boost your ad:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Reddit


Another feature we've snuck in for our members is the ability to print signs and flyers suitable for bulletin boards, telephone poles, etc.. You know the ones with the contact information repeated on vertical strips at the bottom so they can be ripped off? We can do those! Just click the Print Signs and Flyers link on your My Account page and follow the instructions. Your ad will be reformatted with the correct layout, where you can print to your printer.

Extra bonus: your printed ad will contain a QR code that smartphone users can point their phone at, and be sent directly to your ad page on in their mobile web browser. Sweet action there!


This is a great feature if you have other inventory or a reseller of used equipment and vehicles. Enable the Storefront feature in your account and you will have your own business page, with custom URL containing your own listings! Enter your contact info, add pages, add your logo... design it how you like. Plus your listings will contain your logo!

To use the Storefront feature, go to your My Account page and click the Storefront Control Panel link. Here you can turn your store on or off, preview your Storefront, and customize your storefront.