Full Carpet-Tile/grout Cleaning Eqipment Mounted in Trailer

Full Carpet-Tile/grout Cleaning Eqipment Mounted in Trailer
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Complete Carpet Cleaning System in 12 ft Trailer

This system is very well maintained and ready to be put to use by an experienced carpet tech as well as someone new to the profession. This system offers power where you need it and its performance rivals that of more expensive systems. This is because it has been perfectly engineered to handle power most efficiently and with least need for electronic monitoring. This makes this model ideal for the operator who wants many hours of trouble free operation between maintenance times.

I have used this on residential jobs of all kinds, and upon the largest commercial jobs, and have never lacked cleaning power even with a full extension of 500 ft of vacuum hose. This is due to more than adequate pressure at 3000 psi, a 245 cfm (cubic feet per minute) vacuum blower pump coupled with the famed SOVC digitally controlled vacuum valve that regulates total lift power to a maximum, even at lower engine RPM's. This means that the operator can run the system at slower speeds without sacrificing performance.

Generally cleaning carpets require more lift power than cleaning tile and grout, and since the SOVC valve manages collection tank vacuum at maximum levels at any and all RPM's, this allows the operator to get perfect performance without over working the system and without excess wear and tear and fuel expense.

There is also a heat-exchanger that I have bypassed, choosing instead to employ a diesel fired heater (Northern tool: https://www.northerntool.com/products/northstar-electric-wet-steam-hot-water-pressure-washer-add-on-unit-4000-psi-4-gpm-115-volts-157495) rated for pressure washing systems at 4000 psi.

This system offers excess power in all important categories, Vacuum, pressure, and heat, making this all the system that you need for any carpet cleaning, tile/grout, and light to medium pressure washing jobs (not driveway or service station cleaning, though I have done this also, using this sys
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985, FM-1085
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