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Commercial/Residential Duct Cleaning Equipment 

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[  Joel Locke ]
Posted on Dec 16, 2019

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I acquired a large amount of duct cleaning equipment when I purchased a carpet cleaning business almost a year ago. The technician has asthma and I won't be utilizing any of it in my business. My technician says the value should be in the area of 10k for all but if interested please make a reasonable offer. If you would like to see more detailed pictures let me know. The items include:

- NIKRO Negative Air Machine. 3 parts with HEPA filtration
- Air hoses with many air whips and air tubes.
- NIKRO gas air compressor. 175 PSI
- Roto Brush duct cleaning machine with 35 ft of 1 ½ inch spinning brush. 35 ft. 2 inch spinning brush. Several brush heads.
- Air Care Power Brush System. Mini Cobra with 35 ft. spring brush.
- Air Care Turbo Jet Filtration model 3200A. Negative air machine
- Camera inspection system. Includes 35 ft of cableing and 12 inch TV recording system.
- 12 inch vacuum hose for turbo systems and many other tubes and air whips
- 2 inch electric sprayer for sealing internal duct lines
- 250 ft of air hose with hose reel.
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Listing ID: 5495
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