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Commercial/Residential Duct Cleaning Equipment 

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[  Joel Locke ]
Posted on Dec 16, 2019

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I acquired a large amount of duct cleaning equipment when I purchased a carpet cleaning business almost a year ago. The technician has asthma and I won't be utilizing any of it in my business. After discussing with a potential buyer a reasonable offer would be in the area of 4k but if interested please make an offer. If you would like to see more detailed pictures let me know. The items include:

- NIKRO Negative Air Machine. 3 parts with HEPA filtration
- Air hoses with many air whips and air tubes.
- NIKRO gas air compressor. 175 PSI
- Roto Brush duct cleaning machine with 35 ft of 1 ½ inch spinning brush. 35 ft. 2 inch spinning brush. Several brush heads.
- Air Care Power Brush System. Mini Cobra with 35 ft. spring brush.
- Air Care Turbo Jet Filtration model 3200A. Negative air machine
- Camera inspection system. Includes 35 ft of cableing and 12 inch TV recording system.
- 12 inch vacuum hose for turbo systems and many other tubes and air whips
- 2 inch electric sprayer for sealing internal duct lines
- 250 ft of air hose with hose reel.
Price: $2,000
Listing ID: 5495
Listing location: Altoona-Johnstown, Pennsylvania
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