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1999 Ford E350 Carpet Cleaning Van 

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[  inman555 ]
Posted on Sep 3, 2015

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I am selling a 1999 E350 carpet cleaning van. I purchased an entire buisness. With the the intent to start my own buisness. But the time hasnt come up and i dont think it will anytime soon. So forced to sell it, i am taking a loss here but i need to call it a loss cause and move on. Ok so, the machine in the back is mounted and its called a legacy 2100. The original owner had it serviced regularly by the company that makes it, it was well taken care of. Has a vacuum system. A propane heater system, a 75 gallon waste tank. 5-10 gallon propane tank. and a cat pressure washer pump. It also has a 110 alternator on the machine but the brushes need to be redone (not very much at a shop) and the heater needs a new thermostat. It will keep heating up and not shut off. The machine has alot of hours on it according to the meter but it was rebuilt about 3 years ago so id estimate it to have avount 400 hours now Everything thats included : The Van The Legacy 2100 machine 3 regular house carpet wands ($1200 a piece!) Tile cleaning wand Car cleaning wand About 300ft or vacuum hose and 300ft of presure washer hose, on two mounted reels. Abunch of 5 gallon and 1 gallon bottles of cleaning solution. An extra "cat pressure washer pump" works fine fits this model. Scotch guard material A few garden hoses for water hook ups. Lots more... Just the wands and cat pump are worth more than what in asking for the whole van. This machine needs minor work but CAN be ran right now as is. And it cleans great Theres alot more stuff that comes with it i just cant rememeber right now. Basily everything u will need to run a buisness is included. Alright now the van does need some work..runs and drives great has newish tires. And a 4 month old windshield. but alot of cosmetic problems... Biggest thing is the passenger sliding door. Over the years of water sloshing out of the tank has rusted and eaton away the bottom of the door frame. The door opens and closes fine, its just not very pretty. It has dents in a few places on the van. And the hoods got a scrape on the left side that needs to be bondoed (dosent have to, but does it u want it to be pretty looking) and the gas gauge dosent has ALOT of miles. Original owner said he never replaced anything. Just changed the oil and transmission fluid appropriately and its never let him down. It runs really great considering the mileage. The ac and heat work fine too. Back of the van was stripped of all upholstery to make more room for the machine. And the sliding door handle and the back door handles need to be replaced, you have to open them from the inside. Really is a great machine..this van i know for a fact has made over a 750k since it its def been there and done that. With the right person running it it can definitely keep going I haven't had a chance to take pics but i will wen i get a chance. Request them and il make it a priority Any questions, email or txt 3186170741
Price: $5,300
Listing ID: 4173
  • Vehicle make
  • Ford
  • Truckmount condition
  • Excellent
  • Vehicle year
  • 1999
  • Single or dual wand
  • Single
Listing location: , Louisiana
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