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2005 Gmc/Isuzu W4500 Truck W/Large Custom Truck Mount 

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Posted on Apr 6, 2015

Newspaper iconUsed Carpet Cleaning Van For Sale      

2005 GMC / Isuzu Model W4500 Truck 300 HP Gas V8 engine Automatic Transmission 16 ft. FRP Box/Van body Driven miles are Only 25,150 Title is CLEAR For Sale By Owner Carpet Cleaning Equipment Custom Built for Peak Performance ,Efficiencies and Longevity Longevity is a key factor in this machine. To assist in this we have eliminated the “Dry Starts” by building in a Pre-Oiler that circulates oil thru the system before you start it. The Pre-Oiler also doubles as a Oil pump out device when changing oil. Another longevity item being used after the initial engine break-in period is Mobile1 Synthetic Oil. The Wisconsin-Continental TM-27 gas engine is designed for longevity and is used in commercial generators or forklifts. It is a very Efficient 72 Horse power engine and only uses approx. 1.25 gal. of gas per hour. The Vacuum Blower is a Sutorbilt Legend(#5 Large) built for high air flows with simultaneous vacuum pressure. The Wanner Water Pump is designed for ample water volume ,pressure and reliability while being more forgiving than most other pumps. They are used in a lot of Car Washes. The Diesel Boiler does a very Efficient job of supplying continuous hot water. It uses about 1.5 Gal. of fuel per 8 hours of cooking for me. It has a large mounted Water Softener 2 to 3 times the size of most installations to save unwanted hassle and wasted time. ALL the components have been designed to run together at speeds that are most optimal for each. There is a stainless steel 18 gal. fresh water supply tank up on the top shelving. The stainless steel waste tank can hold approx 200+ Gallons and there is another tank that you could put 330 Gallons of fresh or waste water in. I never connected it for any use. This machine has almost 5700 hours on it, but that should be just the tip of the ice burg for this machine. The filters and synthetic oil has been changed regularly as scheduled. It’s easy to use and easy to maintain.
Price: $28,950
Listing ID: 4157
  • Truckmount hours
  • 5700
  • Truckmount condition
  • Excellent
  • Vehicle year
  • 2005
  • Vehicle mileage
  • 25000
  • Single or dual wand
  • Dual

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