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2 Year Warranty on Hydramaster CDS 4.8-2012 Chevy  

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[  Thomas Hawrylko ]
Posted on Mar 15, 2019

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Vehicle is in fair condition but mounted equipment is in excellent condition. Equipment was installed new one year ago and currently has 800 hours on it. The direct drive system comes fully equipped with 250 feet of high-pressure and vacuum hose, produces 240° of heat, 1000 psi of pressure, Auto fill and auto dump feature, automatic vacuum hose reel, 125 gallon freshwater cradle tank, 100 gallon dump tank, 50 foot garden hose with quick connect attachment, dual jet carpet cleaning wand and built in chemical rack. All of the equipment on board is still covered by a full-service hydra master warranty for two years And only has minor cosmetic blemishes between light rust and scratches. The only reason I am selling everything is because I am purchasing a brand new van and I figured I would get new equipment as well. Both the van and equipment have been well serviced and maintained and I’ve put a significant amount of work into tuning up the van after it’s 100,000 mile mark. There are new brakes, rotors, brake calibers, tires, fuel pump, spark plugs as well as a bunch of other things that you would expect for a tuneup. The vehicle currently has 130,000 miles and just passed inspection. The van could use a little TLC but overall runs fine. I can give full details on any existing issues. Please feel free to call with any questions. 862-703-0873
Price: $35,000
Listing ID: 5005
  • Truckmount hours
  • 800
  • Truckmount condition
  • Excellent
Thomas H
Listing location: North Jersey, New Jersey
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