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Used Hydramaster Titan 875 AND Trailer for Sale 

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[  Matt Feeney ]
Posted on Jan 6, 2018

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Selling my Hydramaster Titan 875 with trailer and accessories! This unit was bought new and only has 2900 hours on it! This is a beast of a machine and it runs great. Included is the trailer, which is a low profile with doors on both sides, as well as barn doors at the back. Also features a vent window on the side. Dimensions are 16x6. This fits perfect in a regular garage and that's where I keep it when not used. Also included is 300 feet of both vacuum and solution hoses, and a 6 jet Evolution Wand. This is a great machine for both residential and commercial and is capable of dual wand cleaning. You can also switch the machine over to cold pressure washing up to 3,000 psi.
Price: $12,500
Listing ID: 4422
  • Truckmount hours
  • 2963
  • Truckmount condition
  • Good
Listing location: Phoenix, Arizona
Google Maps: click/tap here

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